Granite Remnants

At NW Remnants we have many Granite pieces that are affordable and ready to be put to use.

Natural Stone

If you’re thinking about using natural stone for a smaller project, granite remnants will be a great fit for you. 

Affordable Cost

Once the slabs of stone are cut into countertops, the leftover pieces are called scraps or remnants. Many people have found that these scraps can offer a great opportunity to have granite countertops without breaking the bank. 

Varsetile Uses

Our remnant pieces are usually used for kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, shower walls, or fireplaces!

Beautiful Surface

Adding any stone to your kitchen or bathroom adds a new level of beauty. You won’t be disappointed with granite remnants. They’ll provide a new durable look to last for years to come.  

Business Interior

Remnants are available for all your business interior needs. 

Office Interior

We don’t stop at homes, we’ll help you with your office designs as well. 

Home Interior

NW Remnants will help you with your home décor projects.  

Interior Design Solutions For Anywhere.