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Are you thinking of sprucing up your home? Could be a new countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, new stone around your fireplace, or even a brand new bar counter. 

Choosing from our remnant selection can be a low cost, high quality route for you to take

Are remnants a good choice?

The answer is yes! There is a wide selection of over 1,000 granite, marble, quartz, soapstone and quartzite remnants. It’s a great value and we will help you find the right piece for your home. 

Granite Remnants

Marble Remnants

Quartz Remnants


We have more than 1,000 remnants in excellent condition at our Everett warehouse. You can choose from Quartz, Marble, Soapstone, and Granite. These remnants are large leftover pieces from big countertop projects that required more than one slab of stone to complete. Typically what’s leftover is 50%-75% of the slab untouched

We’re certain you’ll be able to find a piece of stone you’ll be happy with, and at a great cost. If you aren’t able to come visit us in Everett, you can visit our online remnant gallery or call our Everett store! We’ll make sure to help you every step of the way, just because they’re remnants, doesn’t mean they can’t be the perfect fit! Usually there are pieces of material left over that didn’t quite make the cut. Instead of being wasteful and throwing them out, we’ll try to use the pieces in other projects. 

Visit our awesome remnants gallery for premium quality and evaluated Granite, Marble and Quartz countertop remnant materials.  Quality at a fraction of the cost!

“The whole crew at NW Remnants is great. They really want your project to be realized, and will answer your countless questions and order any samples that you want. They are price competitive, and my thought is that any more you end up paying is worth it for honest-to-goodness genuine customer service.”

Andrew Piazza

Featured Projects

Browse through our remnant selection to find the best piece for the project you have in mind. Once you find the piece you love, we’ll give you a quote for the whole process. Then we can help finalize delivery and the fine details. 

Investing in a Quartz countertop will be a decision you won’t regret! It’ll make a beautiful statement piece for your home. Quartz is a strong material and has timeless value. Choosing a Quartz remnant will add value to your home and won’t hurt the wallet!

Looking for granite remnants? If you’re the sort of individual that thinks the words “custom creation” sound synonymous with “that sounds costly”, you may be astounded to learn that you can get custom granite countertops at a reduced cost simply by looking through our partial slab and remnant inventory. If you have a smaller kitchen, bathroom, or desk area, we will, in all likelihood, have a partial slab or remnant that fits your wallet and taste perfectly.

Are you searching for a solution which makes your next home improvement undertaking or redesign stick out? Utilizing stone remnants, or marble left over from other projects and manufactures, offers an excellent value and will give that project the little something it would have been missing!  At NW Remnants, we sell stone remnants to individuals needing additional pieces for minor projects, like a washroom vanity, kitchen island or a small counter area.

We always have an inventory of soapstone slabs and remnant pieces that can be bought at a significant price reduction and sold as is. Remnant soapstone pieces can be cut and sized to your specifications. Soapstone is unique and brilliant.  It’s a great choice for little corner counter spaces and small outlets that need the little something.  You’ll love our selection of remnant soapstone.

Freequently Asked Questions


Yes, at NW Remnants all of our stone pieces are in great shape and will last you a lifetime. Come visit us in Everett or look through our gallery, and experience one of the top rated stone fabricators in the Pacific Northwest! 

Why would I want to use a remnant?

You will save money and time! The stone is already there and ready to pick from. Many fabricators will sell remnants at a discounted price – who wants to waste such beautiful stone? You’ll have plenty of pieces to choose from at a lower price. 

Are remnants precut and ready to install?

Not exactly. A piece of stone won’t be the exact dimensions needed for your project, so there is some customization that’s still done.  

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