Integrity Stonework Bellingham Remnants

The perfect solution for your project. If you’re planning on remodeling your house, utilizing marble remnants can save you plenty of money, while creating an updated look.

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Integratory stonework is the best countertop installer in Bellingham, offering some of the most superior materials available today. These include soapstone, granite, quartz, and marble. One other category that we are best at is remnants. 

Remnants can be defined as leftover pieces after full slabs are cut off. While you could choose one of the materials that we offer for your countertops, sometimes the ices are too big and need to be cut to fit the areas for which they are intended. We take unused pieces and store them well for use in smaller projects. Remnants are still of high quality. The only difference is that they are not as large as the original pieces from where they were cut. 


One of the great things about natural stone is every piece is unique. No matter where marble is in your home, it will create a chic and elegant look. 


The last thing we want to be is wasteful, that’s why we encourage you to shop our remnant pieces. If you’re looking for a new vanity, surrounding fireplace, or other small stonework, look into remnant pieces! 

Best Option!

You can still receive the same quality and look when choosing a remnant. The only difference is the money you’ll save!

Marble Remnants

Areas where they can be used

There are different ways to use Bellingham remnants for that project that you may have in mind. For example, it could be a room that doesn’t need much material or furniture. Some of the places we can use remnants include:

Bathrooms: in bathrooms, smaller remnants are needed as compared to kitchen countertops for your tab, shower, or vanity, ledge, or seat to alter the look.  

Coffee tables: remnants can also be used as a coffee table top in the living area.

Laundry rooms: smaller countertops are the best for laundry rooms, and Bellingham remnants could be the best candidate for such a project. 

Bar: this is another area where you can consider choosing remnants from our warehouse. We can offer great options. Remnants are a good choice and could be exactly what you need for your project.

Side tables: side tables can also be made for the bedroom or to match your coffee table. 

Why choose integrity stonework

We are the best remnant installer in Bellingham, offering soapstone, granite quartz, and marble solutions. We don’t use any subcontractors and efficiently handle the supply, fabrication, and installation of the highest quality materials for different areas in your home. We are insured, bonded, and licensed with Bellingham offices and other areas. We can guide you on the options available for you and help you pick the perfect remnant for your project. 

We offer:

  1. Granite: granite remnants in Bellingham are also available. We have different sizes, and you can choose as needed. Granite is one of the most classic materials used in the bathroom or kitchen. With granite remnants, you can save some money along the way. 
  2. Marble: marble remnants in Bellingham can be used in different projects. If you feel the budget for marble is too high, remnants can help you achieve your dream without breaking the bank. 
  3. Quartz remnants: if you are looking for the best quartz remnants in Bellingham, we got you covered. There is a wide selection that you can pick from. Quartz is very durable and requires very little maintenance. Just because it is a remnant does not mean the quality is compromised. 
  4. Soapstone: soapstone remnants in Bellingham are also available. This is the to-go option when you want something different. Quartz and granite are a bit more popular used. Soapstone, on the other hand, gives the home a unique feel and look. We can help you create the most distinctive look with some of our best soapstone remnants. This can be a good choice for small projects like laundry rooms, shelves, and end tables. 

If you have a project in Bellingham for remodeling, you should contact us to discuss some of the best ways to make it successful. For example, when you change your countertops, you end updating your space and the look of your home. However, if you feel the countertops are too pricey, you can consider some of our best remnant options. We are the best Bellingham remnants supplier and installer. 

We have some of the best stone remnants for use in smaller projects or those with a smaller budget.  


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Remnants are available for all your business interior needs. 

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 We don’t stop at homes, we’ll help you with your office designs as well.

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NW Remnants will help you with your home décor projects.

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