Marble Remnants

If you’re planning on remodeling your house, utilizing marble remnants can save you plenty of money, while creating an updated look.

Popular for a Reason!

For many years, people have started to realize they can use remnants of stone to save money and create a new look for their home. If you’re wanting the sleek look of marble in your home, but thought it cost too much – see if our remnants of Marble can help you achieve what you want! 


One of the great things about natural stone is every piece is unique. No matter where marble is in your home, it will create a chic and elegant look. 


The last thing we want to be is wasteful, that’s why we encourage you to shop our remnant pieces. If you’re looking for a new vanity, surrounding fireplace, or other small stonework, look into remnant pieces! 

Best Option!

You can still receive the same quality and look when choosing a remnant. The only difference is the money you’ll save!

Marble Remnants

Business Interior

Remnants are available for all your business interior needs. 

Office Interior

 We don’t stop at homes, we’ll help you with your office designs as well.

Home Interior

NW Remnants will help you with your home décor projects.

Interior Design Solutions For Anywhere.